1. Starting at $350.00
    General Home Inspection
    Up to 1200sf $350.00 <2500sf $395.00 <3000sf $425.00 <3500sf $450.00 <4000sf $475.00 <5000sf $470.00 *Additional travel fees may apply for outside Boise City limits.
    This is typically requested by most real estate agents. Depending on the size of your home, my home inspection last from 3-4 hours. The Home Inspection Standard of Practice consist of: Drainage, Roof Covering, Exterior Covering, Foundation, Attic, Heating and Air condition unit(s) temperature output, Electrical receptacles and GCFI's are tested, the condition of the Electrical Service, Plumbing in bathrooms and kitchen, Hot Water Heater, Windows and Doors, and attached Garage.
  2. Starting at additional $550.00
    Construction Home Inspection
    Up to 1200sf $550.00 <2500sf $595.00 <3000sf $625.00 <3500sf $650.00 <4000sf $675.00 <5000sf $750.00
    The Construction Home Inspection includes the General Home Inspection plus the use of a Thermal Imaging Camera throughout the house looking for excessive moisture and energy efficiency defects. Confine space entry in basements and attics. A narrative with recommendations for corrective items and when relevant include current industry standards for workmanship and or materials.
  3. Starting at $650.00 plus 3rd party fee's
    Professional Home Inspection
    Up to 1200sf $650.00 <2500sf $695.00 <3000sf $725.00 <3500sf $750.00 <4000sf $775.00 <5000sf $850.00
    General and Construction Inspection is expanded. When access is limited, removal of construction material for additional inspection and or we work with a licensed tradesperson investing possible defects and providing a recommendation for repair. In-depth evaluation of construction workmanship and efficiency of your home. If required, I work with additional trades or engineers to provide you with the most cost-efficient solution.
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