Choose a Professional Home Inspector with 30+ Years of Experience 
  1. Your Home Is Important!
    Your Home Is Important!
    Every house is unique, I book one inspection per day so I'm not rushing to finish your inspection.
  2. Technology Tools
    Technology Tools
    To minimize unpleasant surprises after the purchase, I use the latest technology tools to find problems that may be hidden from sight.
    First and foremost, safety is my number one concern. I look for potential unsafe conditions.

Your Trusted Home Inspector Serving The Treasure Valley

 Anderson Construction and Home Inspection of Idaho is a residential and commercial inspection company serving the Treasure Valley. My inspection process is so much more than a traditional home inspection, the interest of our clients is first and foremost, so my inspection may take longer compared to your average inspector.  
Every home has its issues. My mission is to help you have a full understanding of your home, explain the issues I found and how to deal with them. I am an independent company; what this means is I do not answer to anyome but you. We do not have professional agreements with estate agencies or morgage brokers so that my reports are not misleading.



A home inspection may seem expensive, however, in many cases, they pay for themselves. You are about to enter into a major financial obligation, the last thing you need is to move into your new home and discover that it needs a new furnace, that the roof leaks, or it is poorly insulated and your heating bills are unbelievably high. A home inspection can shed light on these problems prior to completing the sale. Armed with this useful information you can decide whether the purchase is still right for you, you may decide to renegotiate the deal, or have the seller complete the repairs prior to the sale. How you handle the situation will be up to you. What is important here is that you are aware of the issues and have the opportunity to address them in a financially responsible manner instead of just getting stuck paying the repair bill.
Purchasing a residential home or commercial property in the Boise, ID or anywhere else for that matter is a considerable investment. And, knowing the condition of the property before you buy can offer valuable insight into whether the purchase is a good decision.
A home inspection or property inspection not only uncovers the issues, but it will also bring to light the positives and any likely maintenance that may be essential in the future. After a comprehensive inspection, you will gain a deeper understanding of the property and be better prepared to renegotiate the sale or have the piece of mind to move forward with the purchase.
If you are already a property owner, a home inspection can be used to determine problem areas and to learn what preventive measures can be taken to prevent pricey future repairs. 
If you are considering selling a home in Boise, you may wish to have a home inspection before going to market. The inspection will reveal areas of concern that might be exposed by the buyer’s inspector. You may then determine whether to perform the repairs in advance or to disclose the problem areas to a potential buyer giving you an advantage when negotiating and ensuring a smooth sale.